Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello to all

Hello all, my name is Ula 

I hope you like my little blog 'Portrait of Curiosities'. Overtime I will fill these pages with inspirational things, artists I love and have just discovered, share my love of rock 'n' roll, visual and performing art and creative writing. I have long since been a fan of many blogs amongst blogspot and now can share in the fun. 

Firstly I will share with you a couple of images which one or two people may have already seen. They were posted by my very good friend Sundari her blog 'Intimate Vignettes'. Hope you like!

Ula =)


  1. Gorgeous photos indeed. Welcome to blogging!

  2. I have seen this photos at another blog before and thought they were absolutely stunning. And I'm glad to see that you have started blogging. Welcome!