Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love Europe and my Diana F+

These are a few of the images I will be placing into my Plastic Camera book that I will be making over the next three weeks. They were taken in Europe whilst visiting my sister K and Mr Amazing (the name…this is a story for another day).  I have decided that I am moving to England at the end of the year… in fact this weekend I put into motion beginning to pack up my parents house as they are moving too… I finally feel that after the past week or so my life is finally getting back on track. Anyway these photos were taken on my beloved Diana F+ in the UK and in France.
Hope you enjoy your weekends, I know I will =)


  1. and it looks great. I was so close of getting a one when I was in NYC.

  2. Great images....I love them...:)
    Kisses and enjoy your day my dear!

  3. oh, the tree-lined path and the cat on the chair are beautiful! hope your zine is coming along nicely :) x