Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life... and Sunrises!

Life is full of twists and turns… I have recently decided that I am going to finish Uni this year and instead of going to do honours I am off to Europe to LIVE MY LIFE!!! I have been feeling for some time now that I am suffocating in my surroundings and that it is time for a change… a big change!!! Time to pursue all of the other creative outlets that I love!!! But of course I will always been clicking away on my cameras taking images… here are some photographs I took a couple of months ago on my Diana F+, early morning in the botanical gardens with T! He and I drank cups of coffee, ate croissants and watched the sun rise! It was lovely!!!

Do you like to watch the sunrise? Its such an amazing feeling being awake and into the day before the sun has poked its head over the horizon! =)


  1. sunrises are like the beginning of your adventure; beautiful, full of hope and wonderous potential!

  2. Some great metaphors in this post. Great photographs too!