Thursday, June 10, 2010

All things positive

Despite my project being about … in short…. Displacement… (will elaborate more soon), I am pleased to say that the past few days have been most positive, reassuring, and exciting.

I have managed to get myself into a performance elective course next semester instead of doing computer-manipulated photography. Although I would have loved to learn more about different avenues of photography, I am really missing my other passion, which is performance and acting. This way next semester I am able to not only complete my bachelor of visual arts majoring in photography, all the while working away on a photographic project I am most pleased with… so far anyway… I will get to keep my foot in the door and the juices flowing with acting.

After a very well received review with my studio specialisation tutor I am more than happy to be showing you all, a few more of my works for this semester.

Please do let me know what you think? Perhaps what you believe the underlying message is??? Or what is being said in the images?

Have a lovely rest of the week,

Xx Ula


  1. delicacy at its finest

  2. why thank-you... that means alot from such an inspirational person