Thursday, July 22, 2010

21 years old - 19 houses

I have spent the past few weeks backwards and forwards between my parents and my house, trying to pack the contents which have we have accumulated for as long as I can remember. Imagine this being only 21 and having lived in 19 houses!!! Yes I have become a bit of a pro at the moving thing. But I have to say the amount of things I have seen and done because of all the moving and travelling, has been worth every moment of the time spent packing countless amounts of boxes.
Today was rather lovely, in between box packing and shifting, my mum and I gave ourselves a well earned break and headed down to a little gallery / café just down the road from my parents. In the three years they have lived here I had not visited it once. The place is called ‘Seagull Droppings’ quite apt I think considering the seaside area =)… Anywho we had the most delightful lunch, we shared an amazing Moroccan couscous dish and a delicious vegetable soup with crusty bread, whilst we sat outside next to a cosy fire. Brilliant.

I will leave you here with an image I took whilst in France earlier this year. It was taken on the outskirts of Merlins Forest… France is where we will touch down later this year when we move to Europe.

Hope you are all having a lovely week 

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  1. and I thought I had moved around a lot :) I'm going to Paris later this week. Really looking forward to it.