Monday, July 12, 2010

get out of my head and focus on the space around me


I must say, that the past few weeks for me have been invaluable. Doors have opened, things have appeared, ideas have been realised and plans have been set into motion.

I think it is fair to say, I am a bit of a worry head… But due to recent events, (which at this point in time I will not explain as it will take a very long while and may end up making me sound a bit loopy)… My approach to life in general has been altered significantly. I now have definite pictures in my mind of things I want to achieve, goals, plans (albeit not set in stone)… but hey they do amount to some kind of mentionable entity. Anyway… what I think I am trying to say in a very convoluted way, is that I found that it is time for me to focus on the simple pleasures in life, be thankful for what I have in the here and now, and get out of my head…. Stop thinking so much and start embracing the space I have around me… 

Either way…. Today was lovely, I baked tarts, packed boxes, and sat in some of my favourite books stores for hours… with my mum!!! I am now the very happy owner of some acting books... (I have been looking for for a while now), books of Shakespearian plays and an old John Keats poetry book.

Have a lovely week everyone, x

p.s. i don't normally like baking

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  1. oh, your blog is lovely! i need to start following that advice as well - i too am a bit of a worrier...