Saturday, September 11, 2010

Along the Brick Wall

These are a few images from a shoot I did the other day…

They are of a woman called Annie… seriously this woman is talented…

Not only did she make the dress she is wearing in this shoot… she also made the costume, which is featured, in my latest creative project for University (which I will share with you some point soon).

P.S. have I ever mentioned she is my mother? Yep I am the luckiest girl in the world… This woman rocks!!! … Well done mum I know how freezing it was that night and you didn’t complain once =)

So life has been really busy for me recently… so many really exciting projects, developments and directions underway… time seems to be flying past so quickly, before I know if I will be stepping off the plane in Paris to begin my new adventure in Europe…

But before then… bring on the Graduate exhibition…. Yep I am excited! 

Love you mum


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