Monday, October 18, 2010

European... Complexion to Camera?

Some of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning may have come to realise that I am a European girl currently residing in Australia. I do not really think of myself as just purely English anymore as I have been in Australia for over half of my life, however it was reinforced to me the other day when I was showing my work to someone I truly admire. They told me that there was no escaping it “You are European from your complexion to your camera”. Above are two of the twenty (or so) images I showed that person the other day. Do they look European to you? This spurred on another re-evaluation of my work… and has taken this other project I am working on in a completely different direction!!!
For the past year Portrait of Curiosities has been about me documenting my work and placing it on the web as a kind of reminder to myself of all the creative things I am making and venturing into… however, I decided that I want to start documenting all of the things that inspire me as a way of documenting it all for myself later down the track… as a sort of inspirational diary… It will include artists who inspire me, exhibitions I have visited and productions I have watched.

Hope you are all well =) 

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