Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gardening, Spiders, Sunburn, Books, Wine and Ginger

Yesterday was one of the most tiring days of my life, I literally could not keep my eyes open on the way home from Yank last night... luckily my mum was driving back to the city. We worked all day in the garden, so when I woke up today I was still tired, sore and a little sun burnt... oh and covered in scratches from the long grass and little bite from various nasty bugs and mosquitos. We had a couple of scary moments in the shed involving jumping spiders and a flippin huge huntsman spider that freaked the shit out of me when it ran straight past my hand whilst pulling a bag of plaster along the floor... that plaster has been there since my first year at University... oh my! Anywho... the house is looking really wonderful now... It has taken quite a while but it has definitely paid off! 

Today is going to be rather eventful too... Lady and I (you know who I am talking about K) are heading into the city to go to boarders and take advantage of the 30% off books sale the have on today.. I really want a copy of the new book by Judi Dench entitled Judi Dench and Furthermore , she is such a wonderful actress, it would be lovely to read about her interesting journey into acting... Then we are off to the south of Adealide for a very special event... the opening of The Mandelli Estate, a winery that has been my aunties dream to launch for many years now... and by jo I think she's done it! 

Lastly I will leave you here with a photo I took of my lovely cat Ginger... she will be leaving us within a week to start her new life with a lovely new family as we are off to the UK in a couple of months... My Photography Technician at Uni has fallen in love with her and has offered her a new home, with a curfew at 6pm and the simple rule of sleeping at the end of his bed at night... she will love it!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend

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  1. Such a nice photo. It's sad to give her up but it sounds like she has a wonderful new home!