Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everlasting Moments

Just thought I might share this with you all, I watched it last night... it is a most wonderful story.

Everlasting Moments is a beautiful story of a young woman living in the early 1900’s, in a time of social change and unrest, who is married to a drunkard, womanising, violent man, but against all the odds finds a love for photography, a love that would change her life forever. She wins a camera in a lottery and with gentle persuasion from a lovely local photographic shop owner decides to keep it instead of pawning it for a little extra money. She finds solace away from her alcoholic husband, her role as a mother and their impoverished life in a medium that enabled her to view the world through new eyes. As the years go by her photographs begin to narrate her life and give her strength to cope. It is a foreign film in Swedish and Finnish and stars Jesper Christensen and Maria Heiskanen who both equally deliver wonderfully, truthful performances.

Although I am a huge lover of the stage and theatre productions, the intimacy that this woman experiences with a camera is something that could not be equally communicated if it were produced on the stage. I often question which I love more, theatre of film… It is times like this when the quite helplessness of one woman’s life resonates so powerfully with the viewer that film wins my vote… these gentle gestures can not be so easily seen or felt when produced on the stage.

Which do you prefer? Film or Theatre?

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  1. That film sounds so lovely!! I really must watch it. Its going on my holiday viewing list! And that's a good question about film vs theatre. I love all art forms and they all have very different qualities that set them apart. For me going to the theatre is a social event because it is a live performance, but I find film falls somewhere between theatre and reading a book because the connection the viewer has with the storyteller/director is more immediate and intimate, I feel.