Friday, March 11, 2011

putting pencil to paper

Today marked the end of my second week back to uni and I must say it is already consuming my life again… I have not been able to think of anything apart from proposals, research questions, photo shoots, business plans, marketing strategies and portfolios for the past two weeks!!!

I could not sleep last night as I was too awake with ideas flying around in my mind, giving me no peace, so I decided to draw.

I must confess I rarely ever pick up a pencil and begin to draw something apart from the odd squiggle / musical note / weird animal that looks like it could pass as a cat, and I must say I was very happy with my little drawings!

What kinds of activities do you do to allow your mind to settle after a crazy day??? I normally play guitar, I find it to be the perfect tool for relaxation =)

1 comment:

  1. wonderful drawings! i always like to read before i go to sleep, very relaxing for me! :)