Monday, July 18, 2011

Coffee. Vintage. Chocolate.

Sundays are very quiet in France… Paris unless you are in a touristy area can feel like a ghost town… very strange. K and V live right next door to Montmatre so although it is very quite when you step outside their courtyard, you need only take the second left and the streets are buzzing… We headed to Coquelicot for breakfast, check out their site here… it was amazing. In French culture, when one orders a baguette, a pain au chocolate, brioche or a Madeleine, or in mine and K’s case all of the above… one dips them into ones coffee when eating breakfast… Again flippin amazing. Coquelicot also does delicious freshly squeezed orange juice and serves you your coffee in a large bowl!!! Who doesn’t want a big bowl of coffee in the morning =).

Later that day we went on a vintage / second hand store trail… I picked up an awesome jumper for 5 Euros. K was extremely lucky, she got a dress, a top and a skirt all for one Euro each… seriously shopping in France is amazing… the vintage stores are great.

Oh for those who do not know my family... K is a bit of a chocolate head… look at the dessert she made that evening… UMMMMM DELICIEUX

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