Monday, December 5, 2011

Paris on Film

Its all falling into place…  I have a job that I love and somewhere to live that I can finally call my own, no more sleeping on couches and fold out beds… apart from the night here and there at some friends places after a big night out! I now call Camden Town home! The next few months are going to be crazy… crazy fun! My mum and Dad arrive for a trip from Australia on Sunday and then a lovely friend of mine is arriving from Australia to come and stay early Jan and then another friend mid Jan!!! Then Paris to see the Black Keys and then a trip around the England, Scotland, Ireland and Whales!!!  WOW!

I have also managed to get a few little things lined up here and there in Paris and the UK so it is rather exciting… all falling into place… will update you more soon.

I finally have my scanner set up in my new place too... wooo finally... I have been scanning away happily in between working and discovering london, so I will leave you here to today with a few images taken in Paris a few months ago of a photographer friend of mine that I made whilst there in July… We wend out on a couple of shoots together… photographers photographing photographers… rather fun actually!!!


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