Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leaving home

And I am off again on another adventure... with a lovely friend of mine that arrives from Australia this Wednesday... Can not believe it has been 6 months since I left my home in Australia... 

We are off to Paris next week, and after our return we will drive around the south coast of England and the West Country. Then Leeds and Wales. But this trip is not just for pleasure, there is another intention behind this... which I shall reveal soon. 

Now I must admit, I am one for leaving things to the last minute... so perhaps I shall start of the essential to pack for all the trips ahead...

Guitar, novel, my lyric book, boots (for those muddy walks in the woods), warm coat, fluffy hat, gloves, camera... well maybe two or three... which ones to choose? The digital will be needed for the two commercial shoots I have in Paris. But of course a few analogue... diana and perhaps a polaroid? 

Hope your all enjoying the weather... The Uk is particularly lovely right now, cool crisp days with clear sunny skies, delightful. 

Oh you may remember some pictures similar to this one... I posted them here when I first arrived in Europe 6 months ago. 

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