Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't we just love...Plastic Lenses and Lovely Scanners

Today I am a very lucky girl. I am now a very proud owner of an Epson negative scanner… and am right now in the process of doing my first scan on it ever. This has just come at the right time for me, as last year at University I was again lucky enough to be in the last ever colour photography class at Uni SA, the class was discontinued because it was becoming too costly to keep running the course. This meant that I was no longer able to take colour film and make lovely prints with them. Well that was until now.

However, I will not leave you today with some colour photographs I will instead leave you with a couple of B+W shots, I took on my “new” (its actually old… but I have only had it less than a week) Hanimex 35sc… which takes really fun photographs similar to a Holga or my beloved Diana F+. Still in the early stages of development… but these are a few that may be used in a little project I am working on… =)

Gosh plastic lenses are amazing!

Anyway lovelies, enjoy Easter… Ula x

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