Saturday, February 27, 2010

Windy Walking

One windy afternoon on the top of a hill in Yank/Normy!!!

As one may have seen perhaps seen on the news, a lot of Australia is experiencing quite crazy weather conditions. Down in the South it is crazy crazy crazy windy!!! T and I found ourselves driving back from the city through an alternate route back to visit A and E in Yank, through doing this T spotted a little driveway that I had never noticed before, perhaps as it is most probably private property but we wont go into that.

Anyway, as we were driving in my little, red car, over mounds of dirt and up a really steep hill of rocks and pebbles, we came across this most beautiful lookout, a picturesque view of Normy and Yank beach’s, most delightful. But to top of the most amazing view, was the most amazing experience of walking across this hill with gale force winds trying to sweep us off our feet… almost succeeding to do so… might I add!!! We just had to share this experience with other people so we promptly… well as promptly as we could walking sideways as well as forwards (due to the winds) back to the car… to get A and E and take them to the top fo this hill.

As soon as we arrived we were all in the car within 3 minutes and they loved it… here are a few photographs I managed to snap… I have a black and white roll of Diana that I will upload as soon as I get a look at them myself…

Take care and happy hill hopping… lookout finding… and windy walking =)

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