Thursday, February 25, 2010

Festival. Rural Vic. Melbourne. Arctic Monkeys. France.

I must admit that yes I have been rather slack with my blog… however I do believe that I have a rather good excuse as to why =)… I have been ever so busy! In the past two months I have travelled to rural Victoria to visit T (the lovely man)… worked at Falls festival on a T-shirt stand… (saw Rodrigo y Gabriella) AMAZING… Went to Melbourne for bit of exploring and couchsurfing… have taken part in a week long intensive course with NIDA (loads of fun)… and to top all of that off I have been in France for the past month… Yes most productive I think. Oh did I mention I also saw the Arctic Monkeys live (in Rennes, France) for my Birthday… best Birthday surprise ever thanks K and V… seriously had no idea until we were out the front of the building an hour before it started.

Uni starts in three days am actually really looking forward to getting stuck into creating loads of ART!!! When I was in France I stayed with K and V! V is a very enthusiastic photographer too… I will leave you here with a few pics he took of me (and one of a cat) within my first few days on French soil!!!

à bientôt 


  1. What you saw the Arctic Monkeys !!!! In France !!! You are so lucky, what a wonderful birthday.

  2. It was amazing... best surprise ever!!!