Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So much happening at once

Photographs by Lauren Smeaton

So... loads has happened these past few weeks. The production has been and gone (seriously one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life), my partner has moved interstate for a couple of months for a music boot camp sort of thing, my sister is still in France, I have moved house, cleaned my old house, the list goes on I will not continue to bore! no more! 

Anyway, I have a little dilemma which I need to express and hopefully gain some sort of advice from whomever is listening. I live in Adelaide, am doing a bachelor of Visual arts, but really want to study acting. I was recently involved in a production which some of you may have read about on one of my previous blogs, which I absolutely loved! I want to do some more acting, but want to move overseas to be with family etc in Europe!!! I also want to do Honours and have talked it over with my room mates and in order to do postgraduate etc in the UK I kinda have to have done honours in order to progress further which means I have to stay in Adelaide longer than I originally thought!!! I still have one year left of my visual arts degree so hopefully it will all become clearer within time??? 

However, I will leave you now with a couple of shots from the production!!!

ula x

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