Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A long over due request

A friend of mine from Intimate Vignettes asked me… well I don’t know how long ago, maybe 4 months… to list seven random facts about myself… so here I go,

Bits and bobs about me ...

1.  I feel as though I was born in the wrong era

2.  I was born in England, but I have been in Australia for over half of my life

3.  I recently bought a lovely blue bike, made in the 1970’s and love riding it about the place

4.  I am moving to the UK at the end of the year to peruse various things including my love of photography, art, the stage and theatrics

5.  I am wearing a big fluffy red dressing gown right now! (which I got from Target, it has a hood… I recommend everyone gets one)… it is the colour of strawberries!!!

6.  On the topic of shopping, I have what I consider to be the coolest watch in the world… I got it for $5 when I was in Melbourne last, it is waterproof, made of plastic and is decorated with cars, that have faces and are crashing into each other… It is cooler than it sounds trust me … =) BEST $5 I HAVE EVER SPENT

7.  I was recently given a piano accordion

I think I am meant to tag 5 others to do the same, however I am going to take a different approach and leave it to the individual to decide whether they want to do the same or not... I wont blame you if it takes you 4 months or so to do the same, but if you feel inclined, please go right ahead =) 

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