Sunday, September 26, 2010

cameraman or artist

Recently I have been looking over my past work, and have been really pleased with all of the things I have managed to capture over the years. This recent activity has been spurred on by something I read a couple of months ago, about the choice and presentation of every piece of information within an image, it is the choice of deciding to include or remove something from a photographs composition that makes a cameraman an artist.

I would have loved to provide you all with actual quote but as my room is piled up with books at the moment, I could not possibly remember where I originally found it.

Anyway here are a few images I took earlier this year on a 4x5 camera. I am off to uni to do some 4x5 processing tomorrow and about seven rolls of 120 film that I have been shooting for almost 2 months now… Cant wait to see how my images have progressed over this time. 

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