Monday, September 27, 2010

Early self portraiture

Early self portraiture, gosh these images were from long ago... very crazy the situations we find ourselves in... 

Anyway... up until this year I rarely used myself as a subject... so when I discovered these last week after having come across some old work I was rather surprised, yet very pleased I documented this rather strange part of my life!

Good old AE1 - Program... gosh I love that camera... 3200 ISO... gotta love grain!!!

Anyway... SUCCESS... today was great... processed all seven rolls and I am very very excited about my project! The past few months are finally making sense before my eyes... will update you all on this soon, many negs and polaroids to scan =)


  1. Your blog is beautiful, and your photography, amazing!

  2. these are beautiful! and i agree. you really do gotta love grain =D i've never worked with film and i would love to learn how. so far it's just been digital with me, though.

  3. you look hot in that bottom one lady! hope to see you at uni soon x