Thursday, September 30, 2010

there is silver amongst darkness

This week has been most lovely, I have been rather productive with my practical work at uni (printing platinum) very exciting, I have finished a book I only started on Sunday, that I have wanted to read for a couple of years now (The Alchemists Key, by Traci Harding). I have been listening to a lot of rock music, I have been practicing the guitar…. and singing a lot =)… I hope all of your weeks are turning out to be as nice! It certainly seems so from all the lovely things you have been writing on your own blogs.

I went to uni today and did a bit of silver gelatin printing, until today I not done any printing on silver paper since last year…  so I thought it about time I satisfied my craving for the luminosity of this process. I decided to print some of the images I have been working on for one of my studio specilisation projects. I was rather happy with the results. These images are part of a big bundle of negs I processed the other day which I have been shooting over the last month.

Jane Burton is a bit of an inspiration behind my work, to have a look at her wonderful photography click here


  1. It's so great to still print pics using the age old techniques!

  2. I agree, I love being in the darkroom, it just feels like the right place to be instead of in front of a computer editing digital images.