Friday, October 1, 2010

Evelyn Evergreen

Today I awoke with a huge smile on my face, not because the sun was shining, nor was it because I had bought a mango from the markets yesterday which was to be my lunch today mmmmmm yummy! No it was something else I got from the market…. Something that turned the lovely day out with my mum into an even lovelier, extremely exciting moment…

I have never named one of my cameras before, let alone have ever felt the impulse to give one not only a first name but a second name as well…

her name is Evelyn Evergreen… which I thought was a rather sweet as the man who made her did not have a name which rolled so easily from the tongue… he was a Swedish man…. his initials were V.H. Yes you have probably guessed it by now…

Evelyn Evergreen is a Hasselblad and she is quite flipping beautiful if I do say so myself!!! Now I can cross her off my list of beauties I wish to acquire… having been on there for quite a few years now =)

Anywho… Like is said earlier, the sun is shining here today, it is absolutely lovely, I think it is turning into picnic season!!! I will leave you here with an image I took last year, this was a test shot I did before shooting a series of images in a pinhole camera made of a teapot… the images were of a sinister teddy bears picnic =)


  1. Congratulations. You really deserve Evelyn Evergreen! I'm sure you will really enjoy working with her. We should have bring ours both out like a dolls play date... :)