Monday, May 16, 2011

Paris - Exhibition - Models

It is so very interesting… why is it that as soon as you make plans to do something, everything in your life starts to become extra amazing? This is the case for me at the moment… I have booked my flight (my one-way ticket to Paris… FINALLY)! But the day after I booked it some pretty amazing things started coming my way.  I will update you all on one of them in a couple of weeks, when everything is confirmed! YEAH! 

Until then I think I will take this opportunity to inform you all of a show I was actually asked to be at Greenhill Gallery. It opens next month and is called ‘I Am A Camera’. I am quite excited as Greenhill Gallery is a wonderful exhibition space in Adelaide, North Adelaide to be exact. I will post official dates and times soon, once it is all confirmed.

Finally I will leave you here with a couple of images (above) I have been working on this semester, I am feeling really good about this work. I have had some wonderful feedback and some extremely wonderful models. Just a few more shoots to go until this aspect of the project is finished… well maybe not finished… an artists work is never done!!!

X Ula

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