Monday, June 20, 2011


It has been a while since I posted on my blog… but that is because I have been so busy. It is now less than 3 weeks before I leave the country for greener pastures and although I am sad to be going, I am now more excited than ever!!!

However, I have so much to tell you about… which I will be filling you in on over the next week or so…

Firstly, today I want to tell you about Attitude Magazine

I was contacted earlier this year by the magazine, asking if they could write an article about me for their winter edition. They had seen my work in various exhibitions in Adelaide and were interested in my story… the interview was lots of fun, thanks guys for letting me be apart of the mag! So if you live in Adelaide head to your local city café / fashion boutique and pick up a copy… it is free street press. The article is on page 43 =)… or you can see an online version of the magazine on the website... I think my interview is on page 23 though!

Being a featured artist in the magazine meant that I was invited to attend the launch that took place at Grace the Establishment (an awesome venue in Norwood) two Sunday’s ago… I was also lucky enough to invite three of my favourite people with me. It was wonderful, we drank apple cocktails and ate macaroons, truly a wonderful night spent with even more wonderful company!!!

These images were taken at the launch by photographer Chanelle Leslie, the rest of the images she took on the night can be seen on the Rip it Up website.  

X Ula

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