Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mojitos made with rocket... c'est bizarre

So here I sit, in a beautiful, light filled room, on a sunny afternoon in Paris. What a wonderful past few days.

Thursday was lovely. In France it was the ‘Fete Nationale’, which translates to ‘party national’, a day of celebration much like Australia Day, in that many people have the day off work, spend it outdoors in the sun, do things with their families and in our specific case get up early and go and see the final Harry Potter. However, this was no ordinary movie experience… there was no pop corn, nor was there any soft drink… these ordinary movie snacks were replaced with three pain au chocolate, two speculous and strawberry eclaires, and one tarte aux fraise (all to share of course), bought moments before the film started at a cute patisserie just around the corner… bloody fantastic. After the film we walked home…  this was no short stroll around the corner, this walk was epic!!! We walked from the 10e to the 18e… which is about half the length of Paris.

Later that day we decided to check out the fabric shop around the corner from K’s house… one of the reasons for going was for the usual reason one heads to a fabric store… the other was to see the view from the top floor… not many fabric shops have a view like this one….

Yup… that is Sacre Coeur.

Whilst on our stroll through Montmatre we came across the boulangerie, which won the 2011 award for the best baguette in Paris. We bought two and in true Parisian style we each bit into the end of the baguette whilst we walked home. Later that evening we headed to La Tour Eiffel to watch the fireworks, eat cheese, baguette, olives, tomatoes and drink beer. =)

What a day….9km of walking, extremely sore legs, beautiful sights, and wonderful company.

Friday was a delightful day spent with ma belle soeur. We met at the Hotel De Ville, got banana and Nutella crepes (Nutella is huge in France), and ate sorbet whilst we sat in the sun and I learnt all the days of the week in French. 

We walked along the ‘Pont Des Rarts’ which translates to The Heart Bridge or The Bridge of the Hearts… 

it was beautiful to see people from all over the world placing padlocks with the names of their loves written / inscribed on the lock, along the bridge…

Later that evening K and I had our first ever beer together, which is totally bizarre, you would think that after having grown up with each other in Australia we would have drunk a beer together… at least once… but no… not until we were in our twenties and living in Paris. What a fantastic night it was… we ended up making friends with the bar tenders and the chef and for the rest of the night the drinks were on the house… Cucumber cocktails, champagne and mojitos made with rocket … c’est bizarre. The bar closed and we all moved out the back and continued to chat and laugh into the night… I was really surprised with myself, I spoke French, and was following along with some of the conversations. Talking long into the night… we got home just before the sun began to rise.

I had forgotten how lovely it is to just laze around with K… it was like old times again; us in our pokey apartment in Norwood drinking cups of tea, taking photographs and telling each other stories. I don’t think I have mentioned that K and V’s apartment was originally an artist-printing studio, full of light, and amazing windows, I am looking forward to doing a few photo shoots soon. 

Oh lastly I have some exciting news about some possible exhibitions in France, I will hopefully have confirmation in the next few days, so stay tuned =)

X Ula

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