Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paris je t'aime

I arrived in Paris a few days ago, and although I have visited the city of love a few times before, I must say it seems more beautiful than ever. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that it is currently Summer. What a luck lady I am to have a sister like mine… K lives in the 18e arrondissement right next door to Montmartre. Her apartment is amazing… I will post pictures soon. 

Tuesday was my first day in Paris, after two exhausting flights and a stop over in KL I arrived at Charles De Gualle airport at 6.30am Parisian time. After about half an hour of trying to locate the oversize baggage area so I could collect my guitar I walked straight through immigration and into the arms of my lovely sister… Although it had been a year and 5 months since I had seen her (other than on skype) it seemed as though it had only been a couple of days. After a few tears, but with huge grins on our faces we left my bagged trolley behind and attempted to carry or rather drag my extremely heavy bags (my camera’s are to blame) to the airport shuttle, then on to the train, and then through the streets back to K’s place. The trip to K’s apartment took longer than expected as you can imagine with my three bags and guitar in toe we were slowed down quite a lot… We decided to stop for a snack… yes… we order deux pain au chocolate.

After walking a little further we stopped on a bridge and ate our chocolate croissants, watching the trains pass beneath our feet. Slowly but surely we arrived at K’s… I was given the grand tour and shown my bedroom, and waiting for me on my bed was a little present…  oh yes a Lomography fisheye camera… gosh my sister and V known me well.

The afternoon was a bit of a lazy one, whilst K was out at a casting and giving a French lesson, I had a rest, drank loads of tea, skyped a few people and unpacked.. before I knew it V came through the door with a beautiful bunch of pink and white roses especially for me… that man is a real French charmer.
We linked arms and headed to the station to meet K for a bit of shopping and Pizza ...  soon as my head hit the pillow that night... I was out!

The next morning K and I headed out for breakfast. We stopped at a boulangerie, picked up two crossiants and one strawberry delicious amazing thing I can not remember the name of, to share. We then went to one of K’s favourite place’s in Paris called la fourmi (which translates to ‘the ant’ in English). They played Tom Waits whilst we dunked our warm croissants in our delicious hot coffees served to us by a man who looked like a pirate… what a surreal but lovely start to the day.

After a French lesson on different tenses we headed to the market around the corner from K’s apartment. We bought all kind of deliciousness, olives, nectarines, plums, fresh mint, garlic, mushrooms, capsicum, white zucchini, bananas (for those of you in Australia you will not believe…. they were .80c a kilo… holy moly) apples, chilli, shallots, oh my!!! the list goes on. What an experience that was, being called out to in French and Arabic to try all kinds of samples of fruit, sooooo many samples =)

Later that evening I cooked us all dinner and K made us all an amazing banana split each… we decided earlier that day that we would go and watch the final Harry Potter at the cinema Thursday morning, so at midnight we put on part one of the finale and of course after 20minutes my jetlag kicked in again and I was out like a light…

For those of you who do not know... I have moved to Europe indefinitely... I do not know how long my stay in Paris will be, but I will be sure to keep you updated on my adventures as they progress =) After Paris I am off to London, and after that who knows where my imagination will take me!!! 

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