Friday, September 2, 2011

Flat hunting. tea. blackberry bush.

Have you ever stared at a computer screen for a long time? I mean a really long time? To the point when you realise your face has taken the shape of something resembling a slightly scared and confused character from the Muppets… or perhaps Bert from Sesame street… you know the face he pulls when he gets really angry with Ernie! This is what hours of flat hunting on the internet can do to you… you may literally end up looking like Animal‘s twin. I advise that when seated at a computer for long periods of time, be situated away from mirrors and reflective surfaces, as you may have quite a scare if you spot your reflection. – Trust me I did!

It was at this point I decided to jump up… well push myself off the couch, there was no energetic force behind that movement at all. From the hours spent sitting on the couch this morning, my ass had gone numb! I must admit I was a little disappointed to find no groove in the couch from where my butt had been positioned all morning… Homer Simpson gets one!

My hands were cold from the endless typing, so I put the kettle on for a nice cuppa tea! I made my way into the lounge room, warming my hands on the china cup, sipping away merrily at its contents.  I took a seat in on the arm chair and found myself watching my uncle who had fallen asleep whilst reading on the couch… That probably sounded a little creepy… but I’m fascinated by the positions people can manage to fall asleep in… c’mon he was almost completely upright… he may as well have been standing! Jeez that mans got talent.

Such a lovely day out, I decided to go for a walk… stretch my legs and take some photographs in the wheat fields close by. This merry walk turned into a battle through stinging nettles and scratchy blackberry bushes… all for the perfect shot… that is dedication right there…

What a productive day :)

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