Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Frame

Just a quick post to share something new. 

I would have to say one of the hardest things I have found so far about moving to the other side of the world would have to be, not having all of my photography equipment with me. I must say thank you to all the lovely people out there helping me find places I may buy film from and get rolls processed. I am especially lucky to know a lovely man allowing me to borrow his scanner whilst I wait of a box of my photographic goodies to be sent over from Australia... scanner included (sigh)!

Here is a frame from a body of work I have been working on... I do love the results I am getting, I really feel as though my work is evolving, I am very pleased with the direction it is going in. 

Here is a frame from a recent photoshoot conducted in Paris last month - Please excuse the dust marks. 

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