Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A few little trips overseas

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I do apologise for the huge and I mean really huge gap in the posting on my little blog. I have been immensely busy with workshops, packing, travelling and settling. So busy infact that I have not had a moment to stop, sit have a fresh pot of tea since I arrived in Australia almost two weeks ago … until today. It is raining outside, the windows are foggy, but my toes are warm and the tea if delightful.

I will today pick a couple of memories to share, a slight indulgence of nostalgia never hurt anyone.

After my lover arrived from Australia we found ourselves in Brighton: a beautiful seaside town nestled between Shoreham by Sea and Newhaven on the south coast of England. We were in the midst of winter, the rain was light and the air crisp. We sat on the beach, listened to the seagulls and foolishly took off our shoes and paddled in the icey water. We laughed and drank cider in cosy, traditional pubs, and took Polaroids in our little flat. Alongside one another I would edit photographs and he would draw he masterful creations. Day trips to London, Southampton to see Laura at the Guildhall and Hastings were had… with more friendships formed along the way. It was lovely.

Within a couple of weeks we were showered with sun. The clouds parted and we again headed to the beach, but this time we drank cider in the sunlight and dipped our toes in ever so slightly warmer waters.  It was magic.

Soon we headed to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, a beautiful traditional town about an hours train ride away from Leeds. We went to visit an old friend of mine and her partner for the weekend and found ourselves walking through the woods on misty mornings and sitting on the Yorkshire hillsides at sunset. We ate Indian food and road buses through Leeds, watched my friend in roller derby training and tested my musical mixing skills with a DJ lesson. Lots of fun.

A couple of weeks later A and I found ourselves in Marbella, Spain. This is a story for another time as I fear I may spend the next week or so explaining what is now a beautiful memory time with a beautiful person. For now I will leave you with a couple of pictures of our time in Spain.

Note: the oranges A is holding we bought from a most friendly chap selling oranges and onions from the back of his truck, it took a while but we laughed as we spoke our very limited Spanish vocabulary to purchase them… they were mind blowing.


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  1. What wonderful pictures of your travels! :)

    BTW- thanks for the comment on my blog & yes, it is a Canon AE1. I had to buy it several years ago for my 1st photography class in college! Love that little camera! :)