Monday, August 6, 2012

"There's comfort in melancholy"

I have not written much on here recently, but that is because I have been writing other things. Firstly research proposals for Masters at University, but secondly I have been writing poetry and some new songs. I am feeling a whole new wave of inspiration flowing over me recently, and I feel sometimes that expressing myself through my imagery (photography) is just not enough. It all seems to be pouring out in song, which is wonderful. This weekend (apart from working) was spent recording music with my very talented Dad, he really is amazing. Sitting down with my guitar in my lap, singing my new work to my father (the coolest musician of all time) is such an amazing experience. One day I may just have to share some of it here.

I have been listening to Joni a lot recently and have been reading about her life. She really went through a hard time as a young woman and musician. So inspirational, so much in fact that I have some really cool news to share, but perhaps I will mention this in a few posts time when it is a little more certain :)  ... I am sooooo excited about this.

Until then I am thinking I am going to have to get myself a little bit of a trim at the hairdressers. My hair is so long at the moment... I miss having a fringe... I am thinking I may just have to channel a bit of Joni.

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  1. I'm a huge Joni Mitchell fan and I think it's cool that you're reading about her life. I recently thrifted one of her older albums and I listen to it a lot when I'm alone and need to find inspiration.