Thursday, September 27, 2012

Radio Interview, Exhibition, Masters

This year is literally flying past, I have been back in Adelaide now for a time which seems like forever, but let me just say that it has been a good time. With less than 2 months left of my Masters at University the pressure is beginning to set in... however, I feel as though I am doing alright. I had my mid semester assessment yesterday which went well, I also did an interview with the lovely Jennie at Street Cast – Radio Adelaide 101.5FM yesterday afternoon. It was loads of fun... being in a sound proof room, head phones on, mic before me... just like recording music... yet there was no guitar in my lap and I was rambling about my art instead of singing out my memories. I had a brilliant time. The interview will air tomorrow (Saturday) between 12-1.30pm... You can listen to the station on the internet, so if some of you out there are not living in my neck of the woods, you can still tune in. Head here for the official website of Street Cast.

If you live in Adelaide city you may have seen these flyers floating around the place.

Head here to the facebook event for my exhibition ‘Fragments’ which will open at the Reading Room on Hindley Street, Adelaide, 5000 on Wednesday 3rd of October at 6pm. Do pop past and have gander if you fancy looking upon some dreaming, melancholic memories.
Better get going now... I’m off to read some articles on Wet Plate Collodion Printing and New Romanticism.

X Ula

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