Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outfit. 2. Bittersweet

I have gone a bit mad on the shopping forefront these past few weeks… asos is my new best friend. Oh dear.  Not to mention my very expensive trip to Billy Hyde earlier this week. I did score some amazing bits on sale… but it feels sort of bittersweet knowing that I am benefiting from such a sad moment in history… Yes the decline of the music retail store has hit Adelaide… It is a sad time as we see more and more of our favourite places close down in what seems to be a more and more sleepy town… I hate to label Adelaide thus… but if this continues any longer the city will be stripped bare of its culture and arts. The Jade Monkey closed last week… the Rundle Street Markets cease to exist…. I am rambling now… sorry. However, we are heading into festival season now and things can only get better. I am looking forward to a number of shows, which will feature a number of my talented, arty friends. These photos were taken last week whilst waiting for the bus as I headed to the city to meet the folks for the Billy Hyde sale. Then Ying Chow for dinner and a full up walk through China town. 

Hope you're having a lovely week so far. Only one more week left of my show at the Reading Room on Hindley Street in Adelaide, please do pop past.

Cotton dress – asos
Long cardigan – Country Road
Trent Nathan suede belt – Op shop
Bag – Aussie Disposals
Boots – Miss Gladys Sym Choon
Sunglasses – Bimbo 

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  1. Love this outfit, so casual and cool. You look like you stepped out of the Satorialist's blog. Perfect combo.