Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretty people

I have a confession to make… I have some freakin beautiful friends. A couple of days ago I had a lovely morning coffee with my wonderful friend L… She is gorgeous.... and not to mention an extremely talented ceramicist.  

Have you ever been to Hey Jupiter on Ebenezer Place in Adelaide… it opened only recently and it is bloody adorable… I believe the man who runs the place is French… well I am assuming it is his place … A few weeks back I order a soy flat white in English and walked away kicking myself… damb it I could have practiced my French and struck up a conversation… well a very limited conversation… but a conversation all the same… I said to myself that next time I went I would order my coffee in French, but unfortunately he was not there on this Tuesday morning.

Anyway L and I enjoyed our coffees whilst we soaked up the sun. 

Later in the day after scanning some negatives I meet A and C at the pub for an afternoon golden ale… again in the sun… I am really enjoying the weather back in Australia… not having a proper Summer for over a year was beginning to get to me a little.

I will leave you here with some more pictures of a pretty person. :)

Hehe this one is my favourite. 

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  1. She really is adorable:) I simply adore her hair colour! Have a great day, lovely. xoxo