Friday, July 20, 2012

Take me to Downton

I have a new obsession, one that could be considered as quite healthy by most of the women of England or rather perhaps the world... I love Downton Abbey... I could watch the episodes again and again... possibly a huge procrastination... but as my mother puts it an extremely inspirational experience. So inspirational that I have in fact bought myself a sewing machine and have begun sewing again. I have almost finished a beautiful cotton princess line dress which I am most pleased with. I find sewing so therapeutic and love knowing that at the end of all my efforts I will have a completely unique handmade garment that I can wear with pride. I have bought the fabric for my next dress which is inspired by the beautiful clothing worn by the ladies of Downton Abbey. It shall be pale blue with little flowers and once the dress is constructed I will embroider it too. Can’t wait to show you all the finished product.

If you have not got into Downton Abbey yet, you simply must. I cannot wait for the third season I already have the first two seasons and the Christmas special on DVD.

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